Coronavirus (COVID-19)

About This Website

Hi there, I'm Storm! I'm a software engineer based in Adelaide, Australia. I enjoy building things to share with the world, and this site is the next thing I'm ready to share.

As with many others around the world, I'm extremely worried about the current situation in regards to Coronavirus (COVID-19). It's becoming increasingly harder to find up-to-date information about the current situation that is presented in an easy to digest way, which lead me to take it upon myself to create this website.

You'll find information about the current statistics - including confirmed cases, deaths, recoveries and more - as well as having access to popular news stories that are in your country. My hope is that, I have made it a little bit easier for people around the world to gather more information on the Coronavirus.

This site is only new, so if you have any feature requests, feedback or otherwise, feel free to email me,

If I have helped you in anyway, and you're looking to help support me (with this website, and anything in the future) please consider donating me a coffee :)

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